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This is a multilingual service to meet the needs of professionals, companies and private individuals alike. We have a person in charge of translations who ensures the thoroughness, quality and timeliness of the work done by our professional, highly qualified and expert translators.
The translations are done by native speakers or fully bilingual people, and are allocated on the basis of their individual specialisations.
Delivery times permitting, the translations are cross-checked and revised. The translators have the backing of a range of experts in various sectors for advice, as well as IT assistance and a huge database of terminology.
Some examples of the types of translation:

  • general literary and commercial documents
  • technical, medical, scientific, information technology, price lists and web pages
  • legal, financial (including financial statements), economic, marketing
  • manuals, catalogues, brochures, advertising and tourism material
  • descriptions of tables and drawings and special works
    international correspondence
  • consultancy when drafting texts.

The translations can be delivered on paper, floppy disc/CD, fax and email.